Thursday, July 10, 2014

Introduction and a Few Nice Fossils

First Post: Introduction and a Few Nice Fossils

Hi!  and Welcome.  This is my first attempt at building a blog, so please pardon if it is a bit clumsy at first.  I've wanted to do something like this for some time, but just haven't quite known how.  ...We'll see how long it takes to figure out.  For now, I'll dive right in.

I work with rocks, fossils and minerals in a number of capacities.  Most visibly, I buy and sell them in my retail business and study them as a research scientist.  I also write about them, collect them, make jewelry out of them and, as frequently as possible, go into the field to dig them up for fun, science or profit.  I also enjoy sharing my passion for this and other subjects with other people that enjoy learning about the complex and fascinating world around them.  This is the purpose of the blog.  I hope you enjoy it!

An assortment of fossil fish that we quarried around 2008 from the Eocene Green River Formation in Wyoming, one of the world's premier fossil localities.  I shot this picture while selling rocks, fossils and my own jewelry work at the Tucson Gem Show in Arizona shortly afterwards.  If you'd like to learn more, here is a link to the Fossil Butte National Monument, near the private quarry in which I was working.  and here is a link to the associated Wikipedia page

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